Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Selling level 47 Ninja and level 49 Warmaage ( DragonicaSEA Elga
Both the ID from Elga server
I am selling this id's cheap because i am quiting as i am too busy to play
Good equipments are binded with the chars.

The ninja ID has 20k cash and 500 gold with good eqs |
Expect 40 USD for the ninja ID |

The warmage ID has 5k cash , +8 lvl 45 weapon ,500g and good eqs. |
Expect 50 USD for warmage ID

Friday, February 29, 2008

Reflexive's games Hack

Like to play mini game like Turbo Pizza, Bejeweled, Jewel Quest and much more?
Always downloaded or play online with trail version?
With this program u able to make ur Reflexive's Games become FULL VERSION!

First: Download the game u wanna play at and install it.
Second: Download Reflexive HACK at ( DOWNLOAD1 OR DOWNLOAD2 )

Third: FOLLOW THE Picture Below

Fourth: Enjoy your game and have fun : )

Disclaimer: This Program is not made by me. I will not responsible if anything happen when or while using this program.
P.S. Please scan with your Anti-Virus before use it. Use at your own risk . Anyway this program ROCKS~

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Extraordinary Penis Kung Fu!

Do u dare to try this??

Friday, September 21, 2007

Katana&Sword Real Skill Video


1st: Real Don Fong
2nd: Real Nu Pi
3rd: Real Shan Fong
4th: Real Mo Chu
5th: Real Wan Fo


1st : Real Yea Mi
2nd : Real Chan Song
3rd: Real San Yen
4th: Real Lan Zi
5th: Real Fu Gu

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

[Reply2Damien] What is delevel.

Delevel mean stop increasing level or decrease your level.

In Mo Siang u able to decrease your level, keep dying until there is no more % and it will down level. For example LV20 0%exp after die LV19 98%exp. Status point won't decrease also won't give you 6point after lv up. Well delevel do hv some advantage but also disadvantage.


Gain skill point. Why gain skill point? U keep hitting the same monster and gain the skill point from the monster. The more skill point u have the better you are. As u alread know, Level doesn't mean anything in Mo Siang. Do remember only hit monster which are between with your character lv 10. If u hit more the that it gain the same amount of exp and sp.

Skill level become higher then those who didn't delevel. Might get real in early stage.


Can't wear higher lv equipment. To overcome this, u must at that level wearing that equipment before delevel. After that, do not take the eq out. If u do so, u can't wear it anymore and u hv to gain the level back to wear it.

And BOREDOM! If u can't bear it don't do it xD.

Best Way To Delevel:

I personally had tried delevel from lv28 to lv25. When i train back to lv28 i started to bore and then i gv up that character.

Ofcouse u must atleast lv25 and learn the faster running skill. For my opinion don't decrease ur level and juz stay at the same level and train at the same spot.

Best Spot: Mausoleum 2nd floor, Huang River, Dragon Gate, Mo Go Entrance.
Don't forget to take the repeatable quest. U earn money from there.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (Item Combination)

Item Combination

This is a skill to earn money. Item Combination have four usage, u may see below.
There is no 100% success rate and depend on ur skill lv and character lv.

First: Synthesis of Stone
U may obtain different kind of stone in MS by killing the monters. The stone able to create equipment or power up your weapon. Each stone have it own usage and effect.
In order to do that u hv to change or synthesis a stone to become other stone.

Example from picture
Fast Stone can become 7 different kind of stone.
It has it requirement.

Second: Forge Weapon and Armor

Ever wonder to becoming a blacksmith?
Now here your chance, u able to create weapon or armor by fulling the requirement and it is also cheaper the NPC.
But u hv to take the risk because there is no 100%success.

Third: Creating Recovery Item

Make recovery item with other recovery item.
I wonder wat is chicken soup complete recipe ~~

Fourth: +/Upgrading Equipment

Here come the great part. If u wan to earn big amount of money now this skill own. Put the eq u wan into it and the rock it require for upgrade. A eq that +1 equal to + more 3 lv of that eq.

Example: (Lv30)Wolf Shoes+1 = Lv33.

So the higher the + of that eq the longer u can use because you don hv to change the eq every lv.

+9 are the max. If u able to make a +6 and above, the price are extremely @@.