Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (Item Combination)

Item Combination

This is a skill to earn money. Item Combination have four usage, u may see below.
There is no 100% success rate and depend on ur skill lv and character lv.

First: Synthesis of Stone
U may obtain different kind of stone in MS by killing the monters. The stone able to create equipment or power up your weapon. Each stone have it own usage and effect.
In order to do that u hv to change or synthesis a stone to become other stone.

Example from picture
Fast Stone can become 7 different kind of stone.
It has it requirement.

Second: Forge Weapon and Armor

Ever wonder to becoming a blacksmith?
Now here your chance, u able to create weapon or armor by fulling the requirement and it is also cheaper the NPC.
But u hv to take the risk because there is no 100%success.

Third: Creating Recovery Item

Make recovery item with other recovery item.
I wonder wat is chicken soup complete recipe ~~

Fourth: +/Upgrading Equipment

Here come the great part. If u wan to earn big amount of money now this skill own. Put the eq u wan into it and the rock it require for upgrade. A eq that +1 equal to + more 3 lv of that eq.

Example: (Lv30)Wolf Shoes+1 = Lv33.

So the higher the + of that eq the longer u can use because you don hv to change the eq every lv.

+9 are the max. If u able to make a +6 and above, the price are extremely @@.

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