Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (QiGong/Mage)

QiGong use different type of Element. Have extremely High Dmg.
The guide are gather from different source and my experience for your reference.


QiGong Type Build:

  • I6
  • I5C1
  • I4C2
  • I3c3

Since QiGong perform extremely high Dmg adding little bit CON increase ur Def and HP and u will be HARD enough to tank monster also PK. U can choose to up ur CON on certain lv then push INT all the way.

Skills Build:

Gold Element:

Tien Lei : Single Atk, Fast

Fong Lei : Single Atk, Stun Effect (Recommanded)

Pi Li : Increase Gold Element Atk&Resistance%

Wood Element:

To Na : Heal ownself

Yi Hua : Increase Wood Element Atk&Resistance%

Tai Chin : Heal other player

Water Element:

Fong Dau : Single Atk, Fast, Slow Foe movement speed

Sha Yan : Single Atk, Frost Effect (Recommanded)

Ham Bim : Increase Water Element Atk&Resistance%

Fire Element:

Da Mo : Single Atk, Fast, Burn Effect

Hom Lian : Area of Effect, High Dmg (Recommanded)

Zi Sha : Increase Fire Element Atk&Resistance%

Earth Element:

Zin Zong : Increase own DEF

Tia Bu : Increase other player DEF

Chan Yuen : Increase Earth Element Atk&Resistance%

Note: The most important skill are the Increase ur Element Atk&Resistance%. U must pump it into high lv. Which kind of element u choose as ur main skill and pump it(Increase Element Atk&Resistance% skill). There are many type of Qi Gong ppl playing.

Hom Lian + Fong Lei = AOE, easy lving and also earning + Stun when PK(Recommaneded)
Hom Lian + Sha Yan = AOE, easy lving and also earning + Frost when PK (When Foe is been frost he still can use skills.)
Fong Lei + Sha Yan = Stun + Frost. I believe this is ultimate for PK. HE can't even near u.
Pure Water Element = Slow + Frost
Pure Gold Element = High Dmg + Stun

Become a Supporter or Acolyte in this game are kinda useless but u may try it out if you want.
For Earth and Wood Element refer here (Extra)

Passive Skills:
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This 5 passive skills are usefull. Meditation are important for QiGong player, unless u r very RICH. Learn the Element passive skills, it increase Element Atk&Resistance% also.

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