Saturday, April 28, 2007

MoSiang Online Guide (Sword)

I'm here to make a simple guide for Sword Type. Sword skills are fastest among the other.
The guide are gather from different source and my experience for your reference.


Sword Type Build:

  • S6 = Hard to train from the beginning low mana&Hp but are stronger at the end and great for PK.
  • S3C2I1 = Average build easy at train Average Atk good for PK
  • S2C2I2 = Hp and Mana are more then other build. Extremely good for training poor for PK.
Skills Build:
Chan Song : Area Of Effect, Good for training but not for PK. Recommended.

San Yen : PassThrough effect Good for PK and Escape. Recommended.

Fu Gu : Low Damage. Useless

Lan Zi : Knock Back,Slow CoolDown. Useless

Yea Mi : High Damage, Good for PK. Compulsory

Note : Choose either Chan Song or San Yen. Make Yea Mi as ur main skill if u wan to play PK type.
Some Skills ICON are different in game.

Passive Skills:
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This 5 passive skills are usefull. Meditation are important, unless u r very RICH. So learn whatever u like and ur weapon mastery.

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