Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (Katana/Knife)

Many player play Katana/Knife type cuz it is strong at PK.
The guide are gather from different source and my experience for your reference.


Katana Type Build:

  • S6 = recommanded
  • S5 C1
  • S4 C1 I1
Not much different, it is all Up to you. But S6 are hard to train from the beginning low mana&Hp but are stronger at the end and great for PK.

Skills Build:

Shan Fong : Area of Effect, High Damage. Good for training but not for PK. (Recommended)
Nu Pi : Stun Effect, Medium Damage. (Recommended)

Wan Fo : Slow, High Damage.

Don Fong : Range , High Damage. (Compulsory)

Mo Chu : Low Damage. Useless

Note : Choose either Nupi or ShanFong. Make Don Fong as your main skill if u wan to play PK type.

Passive Skills:
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This 5 passive skills are usefull. Meditation are important, unless u r very RICH. So learn whatever u like and ur weapon mastery.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your info.
but can you explain more...? such as the max level of skils, the total damage of those skills...or how and which should we train 1st for overall. Thanks again.

Eric said...

Every skill max lv are 12.
The damage are calculate with %, i can't tell u exactly the % are. But Katata Don Fong are strongest among all other skills. So make train ur Don Fong until real 1st.