Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (Dart)

Dart type strong at PK (miss effect) but skills are extremely hard to train.
The guide are gather from different source and my experience for your reference.


Dart Type Build:
  • A6 = Recommended
  • A5C1 = Recommended
  • A4C1I1

Since Dart Damage are not high pumping full Agi will gain back little of it but no much plus it is hard to train with this type again it is great at PK, so think carefully. A5C1 increase HP a common build for all. A4C1I1 enough HP and Mana average build.

Skills Build:

Man Tian : Useless

Tien Lo : Area of Effect only infront of character, High Dmg. (Recommended)

Sin Jin : Combo Hit, Medium Damage. Useless

Chi Yua : Large Area of Effect, Medium Damage.

Yin An : Jump Back, Miss Effect, High Damage. PK (Compulsory)

Note: All dart skill hv poison efffect. Not to say much only concentrate on 2 skills. Yin An + Tien Lo / Yin An + Chi Yua. Chi Yua area are very large easily kill alot of monster in the same time but dmg are low compare to Tien Lo. Tien Lo Dmg higher then Chi Yua but area are small. I recommended Tien Lo.

Passive Skills:
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This 5 passive skills are usefull. Meditation are important, unless u r very RICH. So learn whatever u like and ur weapon mastery.

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