Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (Spear)

Spear Type are kinda popular cuz it look cool with a Spear on the back.
The guide are gather from different source and my experience for your reference.


Spear Type Build:
  • S6
  • S5C1
  • S5I1
Melee type build are all almost the same. Is up 2 u how to build it. In Spear type it cost more Mana when using skills so add some Int until certain lv.

Skills Build:

Do Se : Medium Dmg, Slow. Useless

Hen So : Area of Effect, 3 Hit, Medium Dmg, Fast. (Recommended)

Wu Long : Area of Effect, 4 Hit, High Dmg, Slow. (Recommended)

Chun Yun : Combo Hit, Medium Dmg. Useless

Fong Chi : High Dmg, Fast, PassThrough effect. Good for PK. (Compulsory)

Note: Like fast go for Hen So or wan high Dmg go for Wu Long. This two skill are for killing monster cuz it is large area. So choose either one.

Passive Skills:
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This 5 passive skills are usefull. Meditation are important, unless u r very RICH. So learn whatever u like and ur weapon mastery.

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