Friday, May 11, 2007

Mo Siang Guide (Fist)

Fist have low dmg but the skills are fast and able to do stun.
The guide are gather from different source and my experience for your reference.


Fist type build:

  • S6 = for experience player
  • S4C1I1 = Recommended
  • S2C2I2 = Recommended

Not Recommended for newbie to play this type. Cuz it is hard to train and must be experienced. By the way, fist have low dmg but the skills have stun effect which is very important to fist. It able to perform 80-90% of stun when ur skill are REAL.

Skills Build:
Yea Chao : Area of effect, Stun Effect, Low Damage

Chon Shaw : Stun Effect, Medium Damage. PK

Fen Zin : Area of effect, High Damage

Choi Sin : Combo Hit, Slow, Critical at last hit

Ru Fong : Range, Knock Back, Medium Damage. PK

Note: Almost all the skills are able to use, doesn't like the other type which some skill are useless. It all depend how u wan and which kind of skills u prefer. You may try Chon Shaw+Fen Zin or Yea Chao + Ru Fong.

Passive Skills:
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This 5 passive skills are usefull. Meditation are important, unless u r very RICH. So learn whatever u like and ur weapon mastery.


Anonymous said...

hey which 1 is ye qiu??

Eric said...

1st one.
Yea Chao .

Lolyka Putra said...

What the passive skill use for fist??